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Gum Disease Therapy form the Dentist Los Angeles, CA Trusts

July 20, 2015

Woman suffering from toothache

Some leve of periodontal (gum) disease affects nearly 80% of adults over 30 in the United States. It has been called an epidemic by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Yet, many patients still aren’t aware of the number of people affected by this preventable disease. In order to prevent periodontal disease visit the Los Angeles, CA dental practice of Dr. Les Latner twice a year, brush twice a day, and floss at least once a day. If you are currently suffering from periodontal disease or believe you might be, call Westside Dental Associates to schedule an appointment today. Early treatment can help prevent more detrimental effects associated with gum disease including tooth sensitivity.

Gum Disease Causes & Symptoms

Our bodies are made up of numerous interconnected systems that work together to maintain health. Gum disease is caused by the buildup of bacteria beneath and around the gums. When sugary or starchy foods come in contact with the bacterial build up they become acidic. These acids are typically neutralized by basal nutrients from saliva, but when the amount of saliva produced is unable to neutralize the acids potential for tooth decay and gum disease increases.

When plaque and tartar build up below the gum line, the gums can become irritated or inflamed. This is a condition commonly referred to as gingivitis. When not treated by a dentist, gingivitis is difficult to get rid of because the buildup below the gums cannot be removed with regular brushing and flossing alone. Eventually, the buildup of tartar can lead to periodontitis the more serious form of gum disease. The irritation and inflammation of gingivitis develop into pockets of infection that can destroy the fibers and bone that connect your teeth to the gums. Eventually, infection can lead to the recession of gum tissue which exposes the roots of teeth to damaging plaque and other debris.

Gum Disease & Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is not always caused by gum disease, but periodontitis leads to tooth sensitivity for several reasons. Gum disease and the related infection expose your tooth enamel to bacteria that can cause damage, gum recession that exposes the roots of teeth which contain sensitive nerves, and the pockets of infection can cause your teeth to loosen and shift.

Teeth exposed to the bacterial infection associated with gum disease for an extended period of time are more likely to decay. Decaying teeth are sensitive to hot and cold, become painful or uncomfortable while chewing, and may begin to ache constantly. Gum recession occurs when periodontitis breaks down the fibers connecting teeth and gums. When this happens, gums often shift upwards exposing more of the roots of teeth. These roots contain the sensitive nerves and increased or prolonged exposure causes tooth sensitivity especially to heat and cold. Finally, the breakdown of fibers that connect teeth and gums and connect your teeth to your jawbone allow teeth to shift within the socket. This shifting can lead to tooth sensitivity and pain when chewing.

Call to Schedule a Checkup and Cleaning with Your Dentist, Los Angeles

At every six month checkup, you will receive a thorough oral health examination that includes a screening for periodontal disease. As many of the early indicators of gum disease go unnoticed by those suffering from the disease, regular checkups are essential to early treatment. Our hygienists will thoroughly clean your teeth and gums removing plaque, tartar and calculus that can lead to gum disease over time. With regular checkups and thorough at-home care, gum disease is almost entirely preventable. Call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Latner and the Westside Dental Associates team today.

Help Us Welcome Dr. Latner To The International Association of Healthcare Professionals

June 27, 2015

Les Latner has won a prestigious award.There’s some exciting news that we’d like to share with you. Dr. Les Latner has recently been named a New Member of the International Association of HealthCare Professionals. It’s a prestigious honor that has been bestowed on Los Angeles dentist, Dr. Latner. It’s taken him a very long time to achieve this goal and we couldn’t be more proud of him for the achievement. As one of Los Angeles’ premier cosmetic dentists, he knows what it takes to give you the smile of your dreams.

Your Los Angeles Pediatric Dentist – Dr. Les Latner

June 25, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-178845072 (1)If you’ve ever asked a child to help you clean up, you may have noticed that they’re not so great at it. Teaching children how to care for their dental hygiene is not easy. At Westside Dental Associates, we emphasize regular checkups and teeth cleanings for our younger visitors, as well as providing oral hygiene education. In Los Angeles, Dr. Les Lanter is the dentist you can trust to care for the whole family. If you need pediatric, general, restorative, or cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles, call to schedule an appointment today.

Dr. Latner Knows Children’s Teeth

Every smile is different, and our smiles change during throughout our lives. Caring for children’s teeth presents different obstacles than adult treatment. Dr. Latner completed a two year dental residency at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. While he has become a leader in esthetic dentistry and names general dentistry as his passion, there no denying his years of hand on training make him an ideal pediatric dentist as well.

Why Teeth Cleanings Matter

Because of his years of training and experience, Dr. Latner full understand the unique needs of children from the time their primary (baby) teeth begin to emerge, through loss of primary teeth, and development of permanent (adult) teeth. One of the best ways to help your child retain healthy primary teeth is to schedule regular dental hygiene visits every six months. We all know that children are still learning to be effective cleaners. You can’t count on them to do a better job cleaning their teeth than they do making their bed. A thorough cleaning by our outstanding hygienists, and a reminder about at home care tips is essential in build a child’s oral health.

Because primary teeth are weaker than permanent teeth, they are more susceptible to caries (cavities). At regular cleanings, the bacteria on your child’s tooth is thoroughly removed just like your own teeth cleaning. Additionally, primary teeth are checked thoroughly for signs of decay, or problem areas. Sealants and fluoride treatments can also be applied to offer your child additional protection.

Keeping primary teeth strong is more important than you might think. Baby teeth, like adult teeth, help your child to chew, but they are also important as children develop speech. Our teeth allow us to speak clearly. Children whose primary teeth do not develop well, are more likely to have impeded speech. Caring for primary teeth also lays the ground work for healthy adult teeth. If your child’s primary teeth and gums are healthy, they will prepare the way for healthier adult teeth.

Find Out More

If you’re interested in learning more about the outstanding family dentistry offered by Dr. Latner and the knowledgeable Westside Dental Associates team, our convenient “ask the doctor” tool allows you to gather information between visits. Call our Las Angeles practice to schedule an appointment. Westside Dental Associates welcomes patients from surrounding areas including Santa Monica, Marina Del Ray, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, and Burbank.

Understanding and Treating TMJ Disorder with Dr. Les Latner

April 19, 2015

462039415Do you often wake up in the morning with a sore jaw or a persistent headache? Do you experience stiffness in your muscles throughout your neck, shoulders, and back? These are among the most common symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. Left untreated, this condition can lead to further damage to the joints that hinge your jaw to your skull, causing even more pain and limited jaw movement. At the Los Angeles, CA dental practice of Dr. Les Latner, finally find relief from chronic TMJ pain.

TMJ Disorder Treatment for Jaw Pain

The delicate, triangular structures in your jaw joint are susceptible to damage from a variety of sources, but the two most common causes of TMJ disorder are trauma and jaw clenching. When these joints are misaligned or out of balance with the rest of the muscles and ligaments in the face, head, and neck, the result is TMJ pain. Symptoms of TMJ disorder include:

  • Jaw becomes stuck or locked in an open or closed position
  • Facial tenderness or pain
  • A clicking or popping sound when you open or close your mouth
  • Pain in the muscles in your neck, shoulders, and back
  • Frequent headaches
  • Trouble chewing
  • Facial swelling
  • Earaches and/or tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

With TMJ therapy, Dr. Latner can help you return to a state of comfort and overall well-being, all without invasive treatment or surgery. Patients who have suffered from jaw pain for years are amazed at the difference they feel following treatment.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Don’t spend another day in chronic pain; contact us today to learn more about how Dr. Latner can alleviate your TMJ disorder symptoms. We sincerely look forward to serving you and your family at our Los Angeles, CA dental office, your premier destination for general, preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. We are also happy to serve communities in Venice, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, and beyond.

Stop Snoring & Protect Your Health with Sleep Apnea Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

April 12, 2015

147352006While most will agree that snoring can be a nuisance, the lesser known implications of this noisy nighttime breathing may be more serious than a common annoyance. In fact, excessive snoring is among the most common symptoms of a potentially life-threatening condition known as obstructive sleep apnea. At the Los Angeles, CA dental practice of Dr. Les Latner, you can discover real relief from snoring as well as sleep apnea with a custom oral appliance.

The Importance of Treating Sleep Apnea

When a person has sleep apnea, their breathing is repeatedly interrupted throughout the course of the night, often causing a severe reduction in blood oxygen levels. Over time, untreated sleep apnea can contribute to the following health complications:

  • High blood pressure
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Heart failure
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Chronic daytime fatigue, which may result in accidents behind the wheel or at work
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Seizures and other nerve disorders

Fortunately, there is a minimally invasive method of treating sleep apnea: a custom oral appliance that is worn only at night. The oral splint keeps your jaw and tongue in their proper positions, keeping the airway open. Finally, you can enjoy a truly restful night of sleep and more energized mornings.

Explore Your Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

If you or someone in your family suffers from obstructive sleep apnea and you’d like to learn more about treatment, please call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Latner. We look forward to helping you discover the innumerable benefits of sleep apnea treatment, including everything from snoring cessation to a reduced risk of disease. Our West LA dental office warmly welcomes patients from throughout the surrounding areas, including Venice, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, and beyond.

Oral Cancer Screening: The Simple Test that Saves Lives

April 2, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-178361153Approximately 43,250 men and women in America will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year alone, and only about half of them will survive to see 2020. This is because oral cancer is most often undetectable in its earliest stages, when the disease is most successfully treated. Instead, it is allowed to progress and develop, claiming another life every hour, 24 hours a day. Fortunately, Dr. Les Latner offers oral cancer screening in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas, giving his patients a clear advantage when it comes to early detection and timely treatment.

What Are the Signs of Oral Cancer?

An oral cancer screening and a biopsy is the only certain way to accurately diagnose the disease, but there are certain symptoms you can keep in mind and watch for between visits to our office. The most common signs of oral cancer include:

  • A sore in the mouth that bleeds and/or doesn’t heal within two weeks
  • A thickening of tissue in the cheek lining or under the tongue (may or may not be painful)
  • Whitish or red patches anywhere in the mouth
  • Persistent hoarseness and difficulty swallowing
  • Pain or difficulty in moving the tongue
  • Numbness or tingling

If you notice any of these symptoms or any other abnormalities, contact us right away to schedule your oral cancer screening. We will always take the time to discuss the status of your oral health with you in a way that is straightforward and easy to understand.

Schedule Your Screening Today

If it has been more than six months since your last dental checkup, please don’t hesitate to contact our office today to schedule your next visit. Dr. Latner and his team look forward to welcoming you to our state-of-the-art dental practice in Los Angeles, CA. With a variety of general and preventive dentistry services, including oral cancer screening, Dr. Latner can help you preserve your oral health as well as your overall wellness. Our family-friendly dental office warmly welcomes patients from throughout West LA, Venice, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, and beyond.

April is National Stress Awareness Month! Alleviate Stress Induced Bruxism with a Custom Nightguard in West LA

March 28, 2015

185983980Do you struggle with uncontrolled teeth grinding (bruxism)? Each April, dental and health care professionals across the country join forces to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures of the modern stress epidemic. For dentists, there is a particular responsibility to help patients understand the stress induced habit of nightly teeth grinding, and the negative effects it can have on your dental health. Untreated teeth grinding can result in the fracturing, loosening, or complete loss of your natural teeth. Bruxism not only damages teeth and causes tooth loss, but can also affect your jaw joints, resulting in hearing problems and TMJ disorder, or even changes to your facial features. Don’t let stress induced bruxism rob you of your oral and overall health. Make an appointment with Dr. Latner at Westside Dental Associates for a custom nightguard to alleviate your stress induced bruxism symptoms today. Dr. Latner delivers patient centered care daily throughout West LA, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, and the surrounding communities.

What Is Stress Induced Bruxism?

Bruxism is a chronic condition in which you unconsciously grind, gnash, or clench your teeth. The grinding can occur while you’re awake or asleep. If you clench or grind your teeth during sleep, you are likely to have other sleep disorders as well, such as sleep apnea. Mild bruxism may not require treatment, however, bruxism can be frequent and severe enough to lead to jaw disorders, headaches, damaged teeth, and other health problems in some patients.

Do You Suffer From Stressed Induced Bruxism?

While the exact cause of bruxism is not completely known; daily stress can trigger the condition in many patients. It’s estimated that almost 70% of bruxism is stress or anxiety induced. Whether or not bruxism causes pain and other problems may be a complicated mix of factors including poor posture, stress coping abilities, diet, and sleeping habits.

West LA Stress Induced Bruxism Treatment Appointments

If you suffer from stress induced bruxism, Dr. Latner can create a custom fitted nightguard or bite splint to prevent bruxism related tooth damage and alleviate pressure on your jaw joints and facial muscles during sleep. Be proactive with your health and wellness in 2015 and schedule a bruxism treatment appointment with Dr. Latner at Westside Dental Associates today. Dr. Latner is a trusted family dentist, now proudly serving patients of all ages daily throughout West LA, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, and the neighboring areas.

Dr. Latner Helps West LA Families Treat and Prevent Gum Disease

February 28, 2015

99076096How important is your dental health? If it’s important, you should learn how to prevent gum disease, your oral health’s biggest threat. Your mouth contains billions of gum disease causing bacteria. Gum disease is the most common chronic bacterial infection in adult patients. It’s estimated that nearly 50% of Americans over age 30, and over 70% of those age 65 or older, have some form of gum disease. The good news is that, with regular dental checkups and proper daily oral hygiene, it’s possible to prevent gum disease. If you already have gum disease, Dr. Latner offers treatment that can successfully reverse gum disease damage and prevent it from reoccurring. Make an appointment with Dr. Latner at Westside Dental Associates for the gum disease therapy you need to protect your health. Westside Dental Associates serves families daily throughout West LA, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, and the surrounding communities.

What Is Gum Disease?

Bacteria can accumulate on your teeth as plaque. Over time, plaque buildup can harden and become trapped at the base of your teeth. Once plaque hardens, it turns into tartar. Plaque and tartar can cause damage to your teeth and gums if not removed with regular dental cleanings. They can lead to inflamed and infected gums, and early stage gum disease, gingivitis. This stage is easier to treat because it only affects the gums. Left untreated, gingivitis can lead to a more serious condition known as periodontitis. Periodontitis causes deep pockets, or spaces, to form between your teeth and gums. As pocket depths increase, periodontitis can also cause your gums to recede, exposing the roots of your teeth and allowing bacteria to grow beneath your gum line. Over time, your bones, gum, and connective tissues are destroyed. Eventually, teeth shift, loosen, and need to be removed.

How Is Gum Disease Treated?

Early stage gum disease treatment, root scaling and planning, is non-surgical and non- invasive. Dr. Latner will remove plaque and tarter deposits to control the growth of bacteria and encourage healthy tissue generation. Scaling removes plaque and tarter from the teeth below the gum line. Root planning then smoothes the root surface, so that the supportive tissue can better re-attach to your tooth surface. These treatments may be all that’s needed to reverse bone or tissue loss due to periodontal disease. More advanced periodontitis, however, may require bone and tissue grafting, or gum recontouring surgeries, to repair long ignored gum disease damage.

Do You Need Gum Disease Treatment?

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may need gum disease treatment:

  • Red, swollen, tender, or bleeding gums
  • Pockets or deep spaces forming between your teeth and gums
  • Loosened or shifting teeth
  • Chronic bad breath

West LA Gum Disease Treatment Appointments

Since early gum disease symptoms are often mild, many patients fail to take action until their condition becomes serious. Failing to seek gum disease treatment can lead to painful and expensive surgery in the future. Don’t let this happen to you. Make your gum disease treatment appointment with Dr. Latner at Westside Dental Associates today. Dr. Latner is an experienced general and restorative dentist, now proudly serving patients throughout West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, and the neighboring communities.

Afraid of Drills and Needles? Make an Air Abrasion Dental Appointment Today

January 29, 2015

153177890Have You Been Avoiding the Dental Care You Need? Many patients with dental fear and phobia, cringe at the thought of dental treatment. They simply can’t stand the needles, drills, and other tools commonly used by dentists to treat decay or complete restorations. If you’re one of these patients, you should know that Dr. Latner now offers air abrasion treatments. You can opt for air abrasion to treat small cavities, remove old restorations, or correct discoloration. Air abrasion can also be used with children to prepare their teeth for dental sealants. With air abrasion, your dental fear can be a thing of the past. Make your air abrasion dental appointment with Dr. Latner at Westside Dental Associates today. Dr. Latner employs the latest dental technologies to ensure that all dental treatments are as fast, efficient, and comfortable as possible. Westside Dental Associates serves patients of all ages throughout West LA and nearby communities including: Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park and Mar Vista.

What Happens During an Air Abrasion Procedure?

Air abrasion treatment works with a mini sandblaster tool that is used to spray away your dental decay. A narrow stream of particles blasts the decayed portion of your tooth. The stream is composed of silica, aluminum oxide, or a baking soda mixture.  The stream is powered by compressed air that pushes through the dental hand-piece. The decay is displaced by the force of the stream and then vacuumed away through a thin tube.

Why Choose Air Abrasion?

  • No heat, noise, pressure, or vibration
  • Less need for anesthetics (needles)
  • Less invasive
  • Dry procedure
  • Reduced risk of tooth fracturing and chipping
  • Treat multiple sites in one appointment
  • Faster than drilling procedures

How Is Air Abrasion Used?

  • Prepare cavity fillings
  • Remove old composite restorations
  • Prepare a tooth for bonding or sealants
  • Remove superficial staining

Air Abrasion Dental Appointments in West Los Angeles

Make an appointment with Dr. Latner at Westside Dental Associates today to discover the air abrasion difference. Dr. Latner prioritizes your comfort and care. Westside Dental Associates restores smiles daily for families throughout West LA, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park, Mar Vista, and surrounding cities.

Dry Mouth and Your Dental Health

December 22, 2014

78814148Dry mouth is a condition that afflicts millions of Americans. Dry Mouth (xerostomia) is a deficiency of the salivary glands where the mouth continually feels dry. Saliva protects and preserves tissue in the mouth and throat. When not enough is produced by the body, the uncomfortable feeling in the mouth can lead to tooth decay and bad breadth.  Although this condition affects mostly older adults, it is not a normal part of aging. Make an appointment with Dr. Latner at Westside Dental Associates today to begin treating your dry mouth symptoms. Don’t put off the treatment you need any longer. Westside Dental Associates restores smiles daily throughout West Los Angeles and nearby areas including Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park and Mar Vista.

What Are the Symptoms of Dry Mouth?

Dry mouth is characterized by a dry or sticky feeling on the mouth, as if the mouth is stuffed with cotton balls. People with dry mouth can also experience dry lips and mouth sores, a burning feeling in the mouth or tongue, or  a leathery feeling on the tongue. They may also find it difficult to swallow, chew food, or even speak.

What Causes Dry Mouth?

The number one cause of dry mouth is prescription medication. Over five hundred prescription drugs and over the counter medications have the side effect of dry mouth; including drugs intended to relieve symptoms of for high blood pressure, incontinence and allergies. The second most common cause of dry mouth is Sjogren’s syndrome. Sjogren’s syndrome affects over 1 million people, but is most common among menopausal women. Other causes for dry mouth include cancer treatment for head and neck cancers and head and neck injuries with nerve damage. Diseases that can be a direct cause of dry mouth include; Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Depression, Uncontrolled high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, Addison’s disease, and Alcoholic cirrhosis.

Dry Mouth Treatment in West Los Angeles, CA

There are steps that can be taken to alleviate the symptoms of dry mouth. Patients can try drinking room-temperature water throughout the day and night and carry a water bottle at all times. They can avoid drinking lots of water that is either very hot or very cold. It’s also a good idea to drink only sugarless drinks and avoid carbonated beverages. Avoiding drinks with caffeine is a good idea too because caffeine can dry out the mouth. They should drink water before, during and after a meal, chew sugarless gum, or suck on sugarless candy to stimulate salivary flow. Both alcoholic beverages and smoking can dry out the mouth and make patients susceptible to gum diseases and oral cancer. They can also try using a nighttime humidifier to moisten room air. However, the dentist is your best resource for developing a compressive treatment plan to get dry mouth symptoms under control. Possible in office dental treatments include topical fluoride treatments, prescription home fluoride, and antibacterial/anti-fungal mouth rinses . The dentist may also need to perform diagnostic x-rays more frequently to prevent and restore dental decay. Make an appointment with Dr. Latner at Westside Dental Associates today to protect your oral health. Westside Dental Associates proudly serves patients throughout West Los Angeles and surrounding communities including Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey, Rancho Park and Mar Vista.

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